ZTBI is an innovative and first of kind initiative by the Ministry of Labor, Empowerment, Elders, Women and Children of The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar. ZTBI addresses challenge of youth unemployment which features centrally in Zanzibar’s National Development Framework, including the Zanzibar Development vision 2020 (ZDV 2020), Zanzibar strategy for Growth and reduction of Poverty, Business Environment Lab and “Result 4 Prosperity” (2014-2017), The ZTBI assist in enhancing youth capacity entrepreneurship development which drive innovation , business opportunities, self-employment and create industrial culture in Zanzibar. ZTBI managed professionally by multi sectors steering committee consist of people from Government, Private sector and development partners’ representative.

Zanzibar is forced with the youth unemployment, which is the one of the serious challenges. Many youth lack of entrepreneurial mindset, access to mortal knowledge on entrepreneurship development. This make it hard to the growing number of youth to successfully compete in the market. ZTBI was created to support the development of entrepreneurial culture and skill development to entrepreneurship.


Zanzibar Technology and Business Incubator with Registration Number L.87332018 dated 01/06/2018. It was established by Ministry of Labor, Empowerment, Elders, Women and Children, The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and supported by Tanzania Commission of Science and Technology (COSTECH) and others in 2014.


ZTBI aspires to become the most outstanding technology Business Incubation Center in East Africa.


To stimulate business startups and growth of startup enterprises into productive, growing and well-structured enterprises for the benefit of Zanzibar’s economy and its population

Our Supporters:-

  • Milele Zanzibar Foundation
  • KIST
  • The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar